3 Things That Might Cause Dings on Your Car

Have you noticed your car seems to have a lot more dents and dings in it these days? You aren’t sure where they all came from, but you see more and more imperfections in what was an excellent, shiny, well-kept vehicle. What causes body damage like this and how hard is it to fix? Check out the three main culprits of common vehicle dents.

1. Debris From the Road

One of the most common ways your car gets dinged is just by your average, everyday drive to and from work. Road debris gets kicked up by vehicles around you and can find itself on your hood, trunk or roof. Rocks from road paving trucks and landscape clippings can fly out of trucks and land on your vehicle. Talk to an expert in paintess dent removal st. louis and see if this quick, inexpensive and effective remedy will make your car look new again.

2. Hail and Storm Damage

Mother Nature can inflict some severe damage to your vehicle. If you notice dings and dents peppering your roof and hood, hail may be the cause. These icy balls can range in size from tiny like a dime to large like a softball. They can cause some of the worst cosmetic issues to your car, especially if you’re unlucky enough to get softball size hail. Your insurance might cover this damage, so check your policy to see the terms of repairs for hail or storm damage.

3. Shopping Carts and Other Vehicles

If you have a majority of dings to your side panels or doors, parking lot obstacles may be to blame. Rolling shopping carts can do some pretty hefty damage, including scratches and scrapes. Other vehicles pulling in and out of adjacent spots may bump into your car every once in a while.

When it comes to taking a look at your once pristine vehicle, the dings and dents may make enjoying it more difficult. Check into your insurance coverage or consult with a shop specializing in dent repair to get your car back into shape.