Best Guide for Purchasers of Used Cars in India

The demand for used cars is escalating the highest level of hierarchy. According to CRISIL survey, demand in pre-owned cars has nurtured double the unit in previous year. It is remarkable to note that with firm diminishing in the allotment period of an automobile from 5 years to 3 years, the supply of used car has been increased considerably. Automobile experts have also emphasized that the new passenger vehicle market is set to close at 2.7 million units in the coming year.

There are number of significant elements that need to considered when a buying a used car in Mumbai. The first and important thing is to analyze the overall condition of the car. Check out the wear and tear, corrosion, any unusual noise coming from engine, scratches, damages, dents to the body etc. The electrical elements, brakes, accelerator, coolant oil, engine should also be in working condition. You should also check the interior and exterior of the car with each and every aspect. Shoppers should go for a test drive in order to be assured whether the car fulfills the basic requirement and how efficient car moves on road while driving. Test drive will help to judge and identify the things better while driving on road. You can even check the service manual of the car you desire to acquire; it will help you know to identify the car regular servicing. In addition to this it is also advisable to analyze the original documents of the used car. Once you done with all these conditions, then shoppers can go ahead with the purchase.

Let’s take a look to the most preferred used cars in India:

1: Honda Accord – This is one of the best cars that offer low maintenance and it is suitable for driving on highways. It delivers around 12kmpl of mileage and available in both petrol and diesel version. It comes with the outstanding technology features to increase its power of driving and robustness. It is fuel efficient car and offer excellent safety features to their passengers and drivers as well.

2: Honda City – This car has brushed away all the triumph ever since launch. With its extremely spacious boot and credible engine that requires low maintenance, there is no doubt that the car has been becomes ideal for the both new as well as used car shoppers in the country.

3: Honda Civic – A Honda civic is one of the best sedans with a sporty look and offers great value for money, since the shoppers get a lot in terms of quality, space, comfort and safety features. Due to lack of a diesel variant and not so good fuel economy might be considered as major disadvantage of the car. Yet, it endures to stand in the top three car model position for even shoppers of used car in Mumbai. Therefore People are taking more interest in the used car segments than the new arrivals because it fits in their budget and serve the great motive.

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